Joltin' Joey DeMalavez

Joseph “Joey” DeMalavez is a boxing coach, fitness trainer, life coach, and motivational speaker. Born and raised in a rough working class neighborhood of Philadelphia (Manayunk), Joey began training as a boxer at the age of thirteen as a means of avoiding the pitfalls of the streets. Joey rose up through the amateur ranks and took home a silver medal in the Golden Gloves competition at the age of fifteen. Unfortunately, becoming an adult forced Joey to relinquish his boxing dreams when he made the decision to take on full time employment in order to help support his family. For the next 15 years, Joey drove a truck and made overnight bread deliveries for two well-known Philadelphia area bakeries – Stroehmann and Amoroso. While working long hours and overnight shifts, Joey continued to train as a boxer to stay fit and remain mentally strong. All the while, he never lost his dream of becoming a professional fighter. In 2004, with his family on a better financial footing, Joey decided to go for his dream and at the age of 38 became a professional fighter. While fighting professionally for the next three years, Joey compiled a record of 6-2 with 4 KOs. His career was culminated with a knockout victory fighting in the legendary Philadelphia Spectrum.

Beyond being an accomplished fighter, Joey has a personality of boundless energy and optimism. He always knew that he had a gift for reaching and inspiring people and after fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional boxer, Joey realized that he wanted to use his talents to help others achieve their dreams and goals as well. In 2007, Joey opened up his own boxing gym (Joltin Jabs) with the goal of helping others develop a lifestyle of fitness, energy, discipline, and most importantly self-confidence.

Today Joey has a roster of clients which range from professional athletes, celebrities, business leaders, local TV personalities, and politicians. That said, Joey is most inspired by working with the “everyman” and especially the neighborhood kids who are coming into the sport for the very same reasons he started himself 35+ years ago. Joey also spends much of his time acting as a “life coach” for many of his clients dealing with personal issues and is known as a source of inspiration and motivation. Joey also volunteers his time by going into the toughest of Philadelphia’s inner city schools to speak to the kids about everything which he overcame in his life and how they can do it too.

Joey provides an interesting contrast in that he is covered in tattoos and is clearly a product of the “streets”, but once you strip away his intimidating veneer, you will find him to be one of the most inspiring and caring individuals you have ever known. Joey is one of Philadelphia’s most widely recognized “characters” and has appeared in numerous publications and local media. Joey also participated with Charles Barkley in his hit reality series – The Haney Project.

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